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ETS Europe is the European arm of Educational Testing Service, an American company, involved in scholastic assessment in Europe.

Educational Testing Service (ETS), founded in 1947, is the world's largest private nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization.

ETS annually administers 20 million exams in the U.S. and in 180 other countries.

SDA Solution for ETS Europe

SDA helped ETS Europe to collect teacher assessment data from schools in England.

Customer Feedback

This year we had the pleasure of working with SDA on our contract with the National Assessment Agency for the National Curriculum Assessments. There was a particularly difficult data upload function for the Teacher Assessments that we engaged with SDA to perform. These data are compiled by schools and have varying degrees of quality. SDA managed the upload and QC checks of the data so that it could be cleanly imported into our systems.

Seemingly straightforward, SDA’s knowledge of the UK education systems and the hierarchy of the schools was very helpful. They were able to guide our team in the practices of schools around their data and their ability to handle data cleansing and quality control.

To further complicate matters, ETS engaged with a number of subcontractors and vendors over the last year in order to bring the systems together. We had offshore development done in the US and India from our parent company and our partner. Onsite in the UK, we had two major suppliers with which SDA working directly. Both Accenture and NIIT were new to this industry here in the UK and relied on the experience and flexibility of SDA in order to be successful.

As we were developing this client-specific application, the flexibility we had with the SDA team was extremely valuable. Last minute code changes were accommodated quickly by SDA and in concert with the other development tasks. The lines between the organizations were blurred as we focused on implementing the solution on time and on budget.

I would highly recommend SDA to another client.

Diana Cano
Educational Testing Service
CIO, Global BV

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